Mushroom Costumes

This is a great example of a random costume requirement and was used for a modern dance! Who would have thought that a dance school would need mushroom costumes?! Mine is not the reason why but just to make them. These are tie dyed vertically to give the mushroom colour and texture. They have been sprayed with gold craft glitter. This does fall off all over the place and the little mushroom people will leave a trail of glitter behind them but this can give a bit of added sparkle under lights.

Mushroom_1 Mushroom_costume_group


Mushroom_6 Mushroom_5 Mushroom_4 Mushroom_3 Mushroom_2

Costume Ref: WBSD/Mushrooms/01-12

Quantity Available : At least 12

Sizes : Girls and Boys Age 3-7


Collection available from Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire

Hire fee excluding postage: £3

Hats at £2 each

Discounts for multiple item hire

*More can be made if larger groups or different sizes are required. Please contact for further info.

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